How to Make Your Own Custom Airbrushed T-shirt?

With an airbrushed t shirt, you can create whatever design you want and guarantee that no one will ever have a shirt exactly like it.  More and more people want their clothes to stand out and be unlike the normal everyday bought t-shirt, what better way to do this than to make your very own personalized air brush t shirt.

There are many different places that you can buy airbrushed shirts online or you can make your own tshirt with just a few materials.

Starting out, you need to purchase an airbrush.  There are numerous brands, types and styles of airbrushes so reading about the different types before buying one is a great idea.  As a typical guideline, you want to purchase an airbrush with at least0.5 cubic feet per minute and with 20 pounds per square inch.  In more technical terms this would be 0.5 CFM and 20PSI.  The nozzle of the brush or where the actual paint and air come out should be at least 0.4 millimeters.  This size nozzle will ensure enough paint is able to be sprayed at once.

Custom Airbrushed T-shirt

If you have never used an airbrush on a t-shirt before, you should most likely read about how to use one or take a class.  They are not complicated to use but perfecting the technique used to make visually stunning art on cloth takes practice and time.

The next thing you need is paint to use.  Airbrushes use a special type of paint, so do not just start using paint you have around the house.  Most hobby stores will carry airbrush paints in a variety of colors.  Remember what color of t-shirt you are airbrushing while buying paints.  A black shirt will not show colors the same as a white t-shirt will.

Each airbrush has different instructions included with it which you should read prior to using your airbrush.  These will tell you exactly how to load the paint and connect the brush to an air compressor.  There are also books that you can purchase about airbrushing t-shirts which will help to show the correct technique for great looking art.

The last thing you will need is a t-shirt to airbrush on.  A plain t-shirt works best as there is nothing to paint over or try to avoid painting over.  These can be bought online or in stores.

Airbrush t-shirts are a great way to show off your art and a great way to make personalized clothing.  There are countless designs that can be done and you can guarantee your airbrushed t-shirt is one of a kind.

Airbrushing is a way of painting using compressed air to spray the paint or ink in a controlled size.  This technique is used mainly because it is very easy to make the pictures or designs look very lifelike.

An airbrush has two channels or hoses inside of it, one which holds air and the other which holds the paint.  The air gets pushed through the narrowing tube with an air compressor which draws the paint to the tip where fast moving air spreads the paint evenly.  You can change the spray pattern of the paint by moving a needle to allow either more or less paint through the paint tube.

There are two different ways that airbrushes mix air with paint.  If you are using a siphon airbrush, your paint is held on the airbrush itself usually in a canister on the side and is than pulled up the tube by the rushing air.  A gravity feed airbrush has a paint canister on the top of the machine which allows for the paint to drip down at a controlled speed into the oncoming air flow.

No matter which type of airbrush you are using, operation typically comes very simple.  You must first turn on your air compressor or other form of compressed air and second press the button to begin the spraying and release of the paint into the moving air.

When using an airbrush it is very important to keep it clean.  Any dried paint or foreign matter can affect the spray pattern.  There are specially formulated airbrush cleaning solutions on the market made especially for airbrushes.

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