Delight Your Friends and Family with Raspberry Jam for Health and Yum

Being health conscious is very important to each and every one of us. Eating right and exercising is the way to go to have and maintain a healthy body. No one wants to have a sickly body, right? So you have to eat healthy foods which include fruits and vegetables. As one of the world’s healthiest foods, raspberry can provide you many health benefits. Not only are they delicious, they contain very low calories.

Raspberry is also rich in fiber and many other antioxidants which help clean the body and prevent aging, cancer, inflammatory diseases, and other degenerative diseases. Including raspberry in your daily diet is totally advisable. What better way to make it a part of your daily diet than always having a bottle of raspberry jam in your fridge. The best thing about this is here are some instructions on how to make raspberry jam. Making homemade raspberry jam is so simple you can do it anytime.


All you need to make this handmade jam is a couple of ingredients and your kitchen. That’s it. Wondering how? Here’s how. First thing’s first, acquire the following ingredients: 2 cups of freshly-picked, perfectly-ripened raspberries and 2 cups of sugar. Thoroughly wash your berries in cold water before all else. Make sure to clean them all of dirt or debris. With an inch of water inside a pot place lidded mason jars then bring it to a boil for a few minutes. Next, place your berries inside the pot. Make sure the amount of sugar you are using is directly proportional to the amount of berries. Mix them.

 With the use of a whisk, mix the two ingredients until the juice of the berries comes out and mix well with the sugar. Still keep track of the temperature making sure it is in medium heat. Stir. When the mixture boils, lessen the heat to the point the liquid mixture rises until it reaches near the top of the pot. Do not let the mixture overflow. Now, gently and carefully transfer your mixture into your sterilized container jars. Do not fill it up so much as it might overflow.

Put the jars in your stock pot with a rack so as to not have direct contact with the pot as it might break the glass jars. Add about an inch of hot water and let it boil for another few minutes. Take the jars out and use a towel to wipe if dry and let them dry for about a day before use. By the way, you can add a little pat of margarine to make it foamier. Having one of the healthiest fruits in the world as your everyday jam is a privilege, cherish it.


One of the best things in doing homemade raspberry jams is that you can experiment with it and may be do something new and exciting with your jam. All in all, with the benefits and the goodness raspberry provides you, surely it wouldn’t take long for you to be making another batch of your jams sooner.

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