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Basic Dos and Don’ts to Maintain Your Electrical Appliances

A safe environment does not always be the same as it seems when it comes to dealing electrical issues. It only takes a moment to make sure you’re electrical appliances; tools are safe and a fraction of seconds for an accident to happen. Never avoid taking safety measures while working on any kind of electrical issues as it maintains your electrical appliances and also saves you from any unwanted happening.

Always follow these basic dos and don’ts while working on electrical issues to maintain the value of electrical appliances and your safety as well.

Electrical Safety

 List of Dos:

  • Strictly avoid contact with energized electrical circuits as it can be very dangerous.
  • Always treat all electrical devices as if they are living like us and energized more than us as you never know what can happen next moment while working with it.
  • Disconnect the power source while repairing or servicing electrical equipment as it secures the safety of electrical devices and you as well from any dangerous happening.
  • Use only those tools which have non conducting handles.
  • Whenever you feel it is necessary to handle equipment that is plugged in, always be sure that you work with dry hands and if possible, do wear non-conductive gloves for protection.
  • If it is possible, work with one hand and keep another in pocket or anywhere away from conductive This will reduce the chances of accidents that result in electric shock.

 List of Don’ts

  • Never use metallic rulers or pencils or wear rings while working with electric equipment. What we generally do is we use some metallic pencil to point the electrical fault. Avoid doing such things.
  • Do not touch somebody’s electrical devices till you are specifically asked to do that.
  • If you are standing on wet floor, then avoid working on any electrical equipment.
  • Storage of highly inflammable liquids near electrical appliances should be avoided.
  • Wear fitted clothes near the electrical equipment. Be alert and smart while working with electric equipment.

Even though the tips given above may help you maintain your equipment safely, still there would be instances of human error and omissions, so to keep yourself safe, hiring a trained electrician to fix your electrical issues and repair is always a wise decision. There are many companies offering home services for electrical issues like Tesla in Melbourne. You may visit to summon a trained electrician to your home for any repairs and maintenance works.

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10 Tips On How To Make A Great Selfie

Selfies are everything nowadays!  If you don’t get when you selfie every couple of hours, you probably don’t like social media very much.

Nowadays, the social media has become the thing everyone talks about and which is for everyone.  Since selfies are really important and big part of social media, I think it is definitely useful for you to read the following ten tips which will help you make a better selfie.

1. Practice The Pose

You should try to practice the pose as much as you can, preferably in front of a mirror.  Also, in this way you will learn what your body looks like from different angles.  You can use this knowledge when taking a picture or a selfie.

2. Pucker Up!

Practicing a perfect position of the lips can also help you immensely.  If you learn how to position your mouth, you will probably end up with some neat-looking selfies.

3. Put Some Make Up On For The Love Of God

Yes, you are pettier without makeup, but since you already are taking a selfie, tried to put the least some makeup on.  It won’t hurt you, you can only look better.

4. Do Something With Your Hair

Practice that hair flip, or tame you wild hair, before taking a next selfie.  It’s real important for a great selfie that your hair looks perfect or in nearly perfect.  If you don’t know what you should do with your hair, perhaps you should try out different hairstyles prior to taking a selfie.


5. Make Sure The Setting Is Good

Some girls might choose to take selfies in the bathroom, however this shows shocking lack of class.  Take a look at your surroundings, and if the setting is a good, only then take a selfie.

6. Remember: A Mirror Is Your Friend!

You can also take a selfie in a mirror, this selfi you will look amazing, but also you should be careful of your surrounding, and any unwanted reflections.  Also, you can use a mirror to practice how to take a better selfie.

7. Use Filters

Filters can help you immensely with changing the way you look in a selfie – for better, that is!

8. Strike A Pose

Prior to taking a selfie you should strike your well-practiced pose, and of course pucker up!

9. Write An Interesting and Funny Caption

A good selfie has an interesting and funny caption attached to it.  If you just take a selfie without a caption, it will probably go unnoticed by your friends!

10. Tell Your Friends To Like It

If you want to get a ton of likes, you should ask your closest friends to like your selfie.  If you think this is a lame, just think of the number of times your friends have asked you for the very same thing.

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