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How to Make Your Own Custom Airbrushed T-shirt?

With an airbrushed t shirt, you can create whatever design you want and guarantee that no one will ever have a shirt exactly like it.  More and more people want their clothes to stand out and be unlike the normal everyday bought t-shirt, what better way to do this than to make your very own personalized air brush t shirt.

There are many different places that you can buy airbrushed shirts online or you can make your own tshirt with just a few materials.

Starting out, you need to purchase an airbrush.  There are numerous brands, types and styles of airbrushes so reading about the different types before buying one is a great idea.  As a typical guideline, you want to purchase an airbrush with at least0.5 cubic feet per minute and with 20 pounds per square inch.  In more technical terms this would be 0.5 CFM and 20PSI.  The nozzle of the brush or where the actual paint and air come out should be at least 0.4 millimeters.  This size nozzle will ensure enough paint is able to be sprayed at once.

Custom Airbrushed T-shirt

If you have never used an airbrush on a t-shirt before, you should most likely read about how to use one or take a class.  They are not complicated to use but perfecting the technique used to make visually stunning art on cloth takes practice and time.

The next thing you need is paint to use.  Airbrushes use a special type of paint, so do not just start using paint you have around the house.  Most hobby stores will carry airbrush paints in a variety of colors.  Remember what color of t-shirt you are airbrushing while buying paints.  A black shirt will not show colors the same as a white t-shirt will.

Each airbrush has different instructions included with it which you should read prior to using your airbrush.  These will tell you exactly how to load the paint and connect the brush to an air compressor.  There are also books that you can purchase about airbrushing t-shirts which will help to show the correct technique for great looking art.

The last thing you will need is a t-shirt to airbrush on.  A plain t-shirt works best as there is nothing to paint over or try to avoid painting over.  These can be bought online or in stores.

Airbrush t-shirts are a great way to show off your art and a great way to make personalized clothing.  There are countless designs that can be done and you can guarantee your airbrushed t-shirt is one of a kind.

Airbrushing is a way of painting using compressed air to spray the paint or ink in a controlled size.  This technique is used mainly because it is very easy to make the pictures or designs look very lifelike.

An airbrush has two channels or hoses inside of it, one which holds air and the other which holds the paint.  The air gets pushed through the narrowing tube with an air compressor which draws the paint to the tip where fast moving air spreads the paint evenly.  You can change the spray pattern of the paint by moving a needle to allow either more or less paint through the paint tube.

There are two different ways that airbrushes mix air with paint.  If you are using a siphon airbrush, your paint is held on the airbrush itself usually in a canister on the side and is than pulled up the tube by the rushing air.  A gravity feed airbrush has a paint canister on the top of the machine which allows for the paint to drip down at a controlled speed into the oncoming air flow.

No matter which type of airbrush you are using, operation typically comes very simple.  You must first turn on your air compressor or other form of compressed air and second press the button to begin the spraying and release of the paint into the moving air.

When using an airbrush it is very important to keep it clean.  Any dried paint or foreign matter can affect the spray pattern.  There are specially formulated airbrush cleaning solutions on the market made especially for airbrushes.

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Juice Your Way To Health And Fitness

With the obesity rate up quite high and sickness and disease becoming more and more prevalent in the United States, the topic of juicing to become healthy and fit has become more and more popular in the last few years. If you happen to tune into television shows like Dr. Oz, you have probably heard a little bit about the raw food and juicing subjects and perhaps have been thinking about become a “juicer”. If so, I commend you because juicing is a great way to add nutritional value to your body and the act of juicing actually helps you mentally as well because you simply feel good about taking responsibility for what goes into your body.

Juicing involves taking fruits and vegetables and turning them into freshly squeezed juice through the use of a juicer. You can purchase a juicer online or at most department stores like Walmart, Target, or Kmart. Most people are aware that eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day is recommended for optimal health, but how many people actually consume that? Not that many. Juicing is a wonderful way to pack all the nutrients of your fruits and veggies in delicious juices that you can consume in minutes.
The beauty of antioxidants
Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is recommended, but would you rather eat 5 carrots and 5 pieces of celery or simply drink a glass of juice that has the same powerful nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants? This is exactly what juicing can do for you. It might take you a few minutes to wash and put fruit and vegetables into the juicer, but you will have delicious juice within a minute or two and be on your way knowing that you just drank a super-duper antioxidant cocktail that is feeding your cells excellent nutrients as you go about your way.
Kids can get their daily greens at Health Tree Australia
Juicing is also a great way for you get your daily dose of vegetables too. Many juicers will put in their greens that they do not care to eat raw in the juicer and mix with fruits to offset the taste. You could add broccoli and cauliflower to cantaloupe, oranges, and kiwi for a delicious and healthy juice. You can even get your kids their greens through juice that they might not eat at the dinner table. Kids might not want to eat their greens, but through a glass or two of juice per day they can get all of their recommended daily servings of greens.
Juicers range in price from about $30 to hundreds of dollars. You do not need an expensive juicer to get started. Purchase one in your price range and give juicing a try. Chances are you will become a regular juicer and begin to feel better physically and mentally. Begin to do some research on juicers and the benefits of juicing. There are plenty of resources online and you can pick up many free juicing recipes as well. You will eventually come up with your own favorite juice recipes and your friends will love coming over for a fresh glass of juice!

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How to Lose Weight Through Cleansing?

Do you need to lose weight? Are you bulging with fats that there is need to lose weight through cleansing? You can lose weight through natural methods and shed off those excessive fats. There is no need to starve or swallow billions of slimming pills to lose weight. What you need are the right methods of eating and exercising. You may wish to lose some weight by eating healthy foods and live a better and healthier life. Yes, no need for fasting to shed off some weight. You will just have to eat wisely and get a fitter and sexier body.

lose weight

A question may arise in your mind about how you can eat wisely. This can be a very difficult question if you love to eat anything and bear the consequences of such gluttony. However, the answer is really simple. You may want to refer to certain cookbooks you can get online and try it in your own homes. The secret is opting for more vegetables and fruits; and lesser of foods rich in starch and sugar. You can also take a bit of red and white meat, but in moderation. Fish is also great, as it is rich in omega three fatty acids.

Many diet experts say you can lose weight by 80% of what you eat and 20% from regular exercise. It follows therefore that you have to eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly to live a healthy lifestyle. It is not good to eat junk food and highly processed food only to end in the gym to burn off fat that you could have avoided in the first place.

Another way that can help you lose weight through cleansing is drinking large amounts of water every day. You need to drink from eight to twelve glasses of water every day to cleanse your body systems. With water helping out improve your metabolism, you can ensure that toxins and other chemical wastes in our body should be eliminated regularly. Water is a healthier way to clean our bodily systems, without jeopardizing our body.

With the combination of the three elements – right food, exercise and water, you can expect that your body is healthier. You also lose weight by natural means. You can eat fruits and vegetables and say no to junk food and other highly processed food, Sugar found in fruits are rich whenever you want to ingest natural sugar. It is also suggested that you eat meals in smaller quantities so as not to gain more weight.


Also you can take supplements that help you improve your metabolism and lose weight. Isa-genius introduces their Isagenix products that help you speed up your digestion and cleanse your internal organs. They provide high quality products so that get you to achieve the best weight loss program. It comes in a range of products for more options. The product is guaranteed safe and healthy. You just need to consult an expert for choices. Aside from the three natural elements, you have Isa-genius to help you lose weight through cleansing.

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Delight Your Friends and Family with Raspberry Jam for Health and Yum

Being health conscious is very important to each and every one of us. Eating right and exercising is the way to go to have and maintain a healthy body. No one wants to have a sickly body, right? So you have to eat healthy foods which include fruits and vegetables. As one of the world’s healthiest foods, raspberry can provide you many health benefits. Not only are they delicious, they contain very low calories.

Raspberry is also rich in fiber and many other antioxidants which help clean the body and prevent aging, cancer, inflammatory diseases, and other degenerative diseases. Including raspberry in your daily diet is totally advisable. What better way to make it a part of your daily diet than always having a bottle of raspberry jam in your fridge. The best thing about this is here are some instructions on how to make raspberry jam. Making homemade raspberry jam is so simple you can do it anytime.


All you need to make this handmade jam is a couple of ingredients and your kitchen. That’s it. Wondering how? Here’s how. First thing’s first, acquire the following ingredients: 2 cups of freshly-picked, perfectly-ripened raspberries and 2 cups of sugar. Thoroughly wash your berries in cold water before all else. Make sure to clean them all of dirt or debris. With an inch of water inside a pot place lidded mason jars then bring it to a boil for a few minutes. Next, place your berries inside the pot. Make sure the amount of sugar you are using is directly proportional to the amount of berries. Mix them.

 With the use of a whisk, mix the two ingredients until the juice of the berries comes out and mix well with the sugar. Still keep track of the temperature making sure it is in medium heat. Stir. When the mixture boils, lessen the heat to the point the liquid mixture rises until it reaches near the top of the pot. Do not let the mixture overflow. Now, gently and carefully transfer your mixture into your sterilized container jars. Do not fill it up so much as it might overflow.

Put the jars in your stock pot with a rack so as to not have direct contact with the pot as it might break the glass jars. Add about an inch of hot water and let it boil for another few minutes. Take the jars out and use a towel to wipe if dry and let them dry for about a day before use. By the way, you can add a little pat of margarine to make it foamier. Having one of the healthiest fruits in the world as your everyday jam is a privilege, cherish it.


One of the best things in doing homemade raspberry jams is that you can experiment with it and may be do something new and exciting with your jam. All in all, with the benefits and the goodness raspberry provides you, surely it wouldn’t take long for you to be making another batch of your jams sooner.

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Things To Consider Before Deciding on Interior Design Makeover

If you are one of these homeowners that is drooling over magazines that presents the best and most elegant houses ever designed in the recent years, you’d be thinking that you should have an interior design makeover now. Even amongst those who are not interested in having their interior design presented in a different manner will want to consider doing so, even at a minimal change. Whatever decision you come up with, when it comes to interior design, there are things that you should think about first before engaging in the makeover right now. You do not want your interior designing project to result into a disaster that will cost you more than previously planned about.

The very first consideration to interior design is to look at your life right now. This may sound philosophical, but it greatly affects how the interior design is going to come out in the end. This is where the element of the foundation for the new interior design starts. It is not how the architecture of the room is made, the kind of flooring or the paint color. For households that have kids, you may not want anything to do with interior designing, but it still something you can consider. However, if you are living alone, having the new design in the interior depicting your lifestyle or experiences and travels that you have will definitely bring the mood around. You should also pitch in your style into the design, too. You should also consider taking a walk through every area of your home, too. Sift through the closet or wardrobe and see any style cues that strikes you the most.

Interior Design Makeover

You should also choose the right color to paint your room in order to bring out the mood that will make you feel at home. Your wardrobe may have neon colored clothes in it and that you love it the best but having your house fully painted with such colors is not a very good idea at all. It will bring out the wrong mood and you will be wondering why you keep getting annoyed. Neon or pastel colors are appropriate at settings that are great for kid’s playroom. The right lighting will also affect the mood of the house, too. The quality and color of the light will affect your perception about the interior design. This includes the brightness, task lighting, central light and so many more. Getting the right light fixture can be challenging and getting the wrong one will produce unflattering shadows. You should mix task, indirect and general lighting into your new interior design.

Some household owners find it a challenge to change the interior decorations by themselves, which is why they turn to professionals instead since they know very well what the right mixes are for the right kind of mood and the personality that fits with the design. It is equally important to hire professionals as you are hiring it for your duplex designs Melbourne if you are living close by. Interior designers for dual occupancy homes, depending on the years of experience they had, can be quite pricey but are worth the investment if you wish to bring out the right mood that you have been setting upon. You need to ask and communicate well with your interior designer if you decide to have professionals do it so that they can accurately nail the design that you really want.

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Learning More About The Kick But Essentials

One after another, a lot of self-help audios are popping up in order to help man with his basic needs. You can find how to keep yourself healthy without ever visiting your doctor again, there are also those that will help you in your business and how you can keep it afloat, there are also various help audios that promises the listener that they will be able to get out of their miserable lives just by following what the author has done in their life. But only a handful of the self-help audios are able to help the common people immensely. The Kick But Essentials is one of the few audios that are guaranteed to help anyone who are looking for ways to turn their life around. It is pretty much like attending corporate workshops in a proper manner. Click here for exhaustive information on corporate workshops and how to become a millionaire.

 Basically, the Kick But Essentials is a audio with a set of strategies that are designed to keep the listener on track with their success through the use of positive thinking and also getting rid of those useless and negative thoughts that are holding you back. This is the reason why most people around the world are unsatisfied with their life – it is because they focus on the wrong mindset even if they know what they really want. Because of the numerous distractions they have surrounding them, their lives are lead from one path to another. The more changes, it goes with everything when an individual cannot focus on one thing. This audio will guide its listeners on how to focus on their goals whether it be personal or professional similar to listening to anti bullying speakers in schools. It can also help build relationships that were once lost. It also helps build up businesses that seem like a lost cause because of the competition that seems to thwart them to success.

 The strategies in this audio is effective because it penetrates on the listener and will remain in their memory. Those who have bought and applied the strategies have played the audio while they are sleeping in the night, as they feel that they can absorb the lessons well. There are also those who play them in their car while driving or while walking in the park. The more repetition is done in listening to this audio, the more the strategies will sink into the subconscious of the listener and they will be able to gain confidence on how they can face various situations of their lives. Each of your useless thoughts will be out of your main before you know it, and you will gradually notice the changes around you as you keep on challenging yourself with the strategies stated in this audio CD. All you need to do is listen to this audio over and over again.

 Some people are looking for solid evidence that indeed the strategies stated in this audio product are true. If you are one of these skeptics, you just need to look up the author yourself. Search for the people she is well acquainted with and the success behind her public speeches and motivational talks that she conducts all over the country. From her background alone, she has gone through different perspectives in life just to acquire the knowledge that she has sought for many years. Before you bring your judgment, apply the strategies in your life and see to it that it works for you.

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Basic Dos and Don’ts to Maintain Your Electrical Appliances

A safe environment does not always be the same as it seems when it comes to dealing electrical issues. It only takes a moment to make sure you’re electrical appliances; tools are safe and a fraction of seconds for an accident to happen. Never avoid taking safety measures while working on any kind of electrical issues as it maintains your electrical appliances and also saves you from any unwanted happening.

Always follow these basic dos and don’ts while working on electrical issues to maintain the value of electrical appliances and your safety as well.

Electrical Safety

 List of Dos:

  • Strictly avoid contact with energized electrical circuits as it can be very dangerous.
  • Always treat all electrical devices as if they are living like us and energized more than us as you never know what can happen next moment while working with it.
  • Disconnect the power source while repairing or servicing electrical equipment as it secures the safety of electrical devices and you as well from any dangerous happening.
  • Use only those tools which have non conducting handles.
  • Whenever you feel it is necessary to handle equipment that is plugged in, always be sure that you work with dry hands and if possible, do wear non-conductive gloves for protection.
  • If it is possible, work with one hand and keep another in pocket or anywhere away from conductive This will reduce the chances of accidents that result in electric shock.

 List of Don’ts

  • Never use metallic rulers or pencils or wear rings while working with electric equipment. What we generally do is we use some metallic pencil to point the electrical fault. Avoid doing such things.
  • Do not touch somebody’s electrical devices till you are specifically asked to do that.
  • If you are standing on wet floor, then avoid working on any electrical equipment.
  • Storage of highly inflammable liquids near electrical appliances should be avoided.
  • Wear fitted clothes near the electrical equipment. Be alert and smart while working with electric equipment.

Even though the tips given above may help you maintain your equipment safely, still there would be instances of human error and omissions, so to keep yourself safe, hiring a trained electrician to fix your electrical issues and repair is always a wise decision. There are many companies offering home services for electrical issues like Tesla in Melbourne. You may visit http://www.teslaelectrician.com.au/ to summon a trained electrician to your home for any repairs and maintenance works.

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